I’m currently teaching private lessons in the NYC area and worldwide via Skype!
For questions, rates or booking your lesson, feel free to get in touch at:


Lessons are dedicated mainly
to the following fields:

* Jazz & Improvisation

* Arrangement & Composition
for Songwriters

* Music Theory & Ear Training

* Popular Music Performance & Repertoire

As a teacher I work personally with every student to define long/short term goals and musical aspirations in order to build a creative, diverse, challenging and organized series of lessons, as well as a regular practice routine of similar qualities.

I believe in an open, communicative and encouraging learning environment that allows students to express themselves,
explore musical and creative boundaries, build new skills
and improve on their weaknesses.

My experience includes teaching dozens of students of various ages, levels and genres, as well as teaching masterclasses at highschool music departments with my band KADAWA.
I truly enjoy sharing my musical perspective and experience while constantly learning new things along the way.

Tal has the unique combination of being a world-class musician, but is also able to relate strongly to me as a student with my own goals and motivations. He has been able to identify the exact areas where my playing could use improvement, and offers very straightforward and practical instruction that has clearly benefited my musicality.
His constantly supportive attitude creates a comfortable and non-intimidating environment, allowing to me to feel confident about my current strengths and still strive for improvement.
— Hillel, NYC based jazz guitarist
Tal manages to strike that delicate balance of both challenging and nurturing his students. He has been patient with my weaknesses and eager with my strengths, respecting what I ask to learn, while finding ways to incorporate lessons and tools I had no idea I needed. His subtly wholistic approach has supported me as a writer, listener, and overall musician, as well as my versatility as a guitar player!
— Lizzie, NYC based singer-songwriter
Tal opened up the guitar for me in ways that I couldn’t have imagined before starting lessons.
I knew some very basic chords, but the voicings, rhythms, and moral support he gave me expanded my songwriting vocabulary exponentially. We learned truly inspiring pieces - from Kurt Rosenwinkel to Joao Gilberto to Joni Mitchell, and he set up a practice schedule for me that was clear, manageable, and tailored to my needs. His knowledge and ability on the guitar are staggering, but more than that, he knows how to explain and demonstrate concepts in an approachable and encouraging way.
I have and do recommend him to literally everyone I know.
— Caroline, NYC based singer-songwriter
My playing has been steadily improving since taking Skype lessons with Tal. He has helped me to expand my knowledge of the fretboard, increase my chord vocabulary, improve my sense of time, and much more. Thanks, Tal, for providing a challenging yet supportive learning environment.
— Pete, jazz guitarist, Fresno, CA