Solo Guitar

My Solo Guitar project is a constant work in progress and a musical/creative process that is very close and important to me.
I try to find an interesting combination between composed and improvised elements while using the instrument in ways that are new and challenging for me. The repertoire ranges from free improvisations and original compositions to classical pieces, jazz standards and songs.

Solo EP “Strange Protagonists” - Out Now!



Performing the 1st & 2nd movements from Ravel's "Ma Mère l'Oye".
Paired with animation by Fleischer Studios.

* Produced and filmed by Gal Shaya
Efrat Kariv - 2nd camera
Daniel Bloch - recording, mixing, mastering

A solo piece written by incredible saxophonist, composer and collaborator, Blake Opper.

Complementary video by Chandler Dean.

Live at 'HaHanut',
Tel Aviv, Israel

This was the first solo show I've ever played.

Here are spontaneous arrangements of two of my favorite standards. 

Performing a piece from a great series of solo guitar interludes, composed by
Omer Berger.